miércoles, 15 de febrero de 2012

My little cute twins!! *_*




This is miss Dior chéri

 Enjoy' days with this two sweet girls has never been so wonderfull...Louving them as fas as the starts are from me.

C: Thankie 4 all you've done 2 me. You help me, you listen to me and you are there even if you wanna be anywhere else...I apreciate you so much. It's not such as lesbian love but you know what I mean :P ...Feeling proud of you & you know...YOUR STYLE'S MY DRUG!! 

MY: My little sweetheart cute beauty amazing girl. You walk trough the corridor kick' your candy amazing unique way of dreesing wherever you go...U' make me happy, U' make me njoy live, U' make me feel...lalalaala!! =D Our song sound all arround us & eventhough we love each other so ojalá no te hubiera conocido nunca...Oh! Your way of dance' or the way you stand up with the tip of your fingers as rains falls down from the sky...so normal!! How 2 forget out episode in How I meet you mother?!  Well, wht 2 say?! After 2 o'clock is better be' in bed...After 2 is better go' out again...PARTY HAS NOT FINISH YET!! 

 What i've just said...MY LITTLE CUTE TWINS <3